Client's Testimonials

Congratulations on crossing the 150 crore mark!
We saw the news and your interview on LinkedIn earlier today & we were overjoyed on your success. We have been associated with you since 2006 & we have always admired your patience & commitment and so we are not surprised to see you strike out on your own as entrepreneurs. Your dedication to your work and passion for client satisfaction is one of the key reasons to your success. Only a few individuals managed to achieve such great success and all of that can be attributed to your hard work. RGFS is sure to accomplish higher AUM due to your down-to-earth manner and sharp skills. Your team is dedicated and sure to grow as you become even more well known for your abilities. We wish you every possible success as you grow this business and good luck on the road ahead of you.

- Harsh & Deepika Karanjkar

Congragulations. keep it up. You will reach greater heights. Your competition is with yourself only. So no matter what happens you will come out with flying colours.

- Avinash Patankar, AAA Wealth

Congratulations to you and your team
May God bless you more and more success very often and keep you and your clients healthy, joyful and prosperous. Keep doing honestly such good job. I am associated with you from very beginning of your business. Your biggest asset is your simplicity and honesty. Keep that asset intact throughout your life to achieve many more milestones. God bless you and your family.

- Dr. Sinha

I have a very good experience investing with RGFS. They continuously guided me with the investments even during the lock down period when market got dip and all my investments seemed at immense loss RGFS kept me motivated to stay invested by showing me promise of future through their knowledge and experience. I am fortunate to have made a wise choice to make my all investments through RGFS and also very much confident to reach financial goal much before the time, Thanks again to team RGFS.

- Nikhil & Ahwini Ghatpande

We met Ram Gaikwad when we were struggling in 2007 with savings due to no planning. We were ill-advised by someone else to invest in some insurance scheme of a very long period and few mutual funds. Then came the 2008 doom where the money invested in mutual funds crashed to half price and we panicked. Here came the advice from evercool Ram to stay in the mutual funds, not to panic and ignore for time being, which immensly helped. Then the planning suggested by Ram and investment in specific mutual funds helped us achieve a sizable profit which gives us support for our oldage. I would never hesitate to recommend Ram's services to my friends.

- Bipin & Anjali Daftardar

I have started SIP under your guidelines in year 2011 with only Rs. 1000/ - month, I realised it’s importance when I bought my own flat and withdraw SIP with 35% returns in just 3 year. It boost my confidence and now investing more to achieve my future objectives. Thanks RGFS.

- Dr. Pravin Kumar Handekar

Your ability to connect and give confidence to worrying mind is always an asset for you. And your humbleness makes people trust you. Keep doing the good work Ram & Team.

- Suja Anthony

Heartiest congratulations Ram. All credits to your hard work and co-operation. Looking for a long term financial stability with your help ..

- Ganga